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Support by Fund for Inovation & Development

Support by Fund for Inovation & Development

Comeunity Business Incubator, the first of it’s kind in North Macedonia, received a promotion from the government investment fund. We are happy that a government institution has understood our goals and our strategy to make changes in our startup scene! Together with them and our international partners we will develop a new image for the Macedonian startup scene.

Forget empty promises, million-dollar investments that take your breath away and disappear like fairytale. We are ready to take your ideas to the next level, pave the way for them and promote them in the region, USA and China.

In below read what FUND/FITR said about us!

” 🚀 Great news for the Macedonian startup scene! The companies Si-mAind and Swift Data, which are beneficiaries of a grant from #FITR, jointly launch the Community Business Incubator, which is
an innovative bridge for startups helping them get the right resources.
✅ In addition to the classic approach where the incubator provides space for its users, the incubator will also provide staff in the following areas: product validation, sales, legal and accounting care, management, business communication and negotiation.
🎯 Startup companies will also gain access to regional and European programs, as well as a unique opportunity for promotion in United States of America.
🔝 We wish great success to the Community Business Incubator! “

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