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It’s official!

It’s official!

Comeunity Business Incubator and Digital Den formalized the partnership and signed agreement to exchange startups and knowledge. One of the main goals of the partnership is exchange of Macedonian and Montenegrin startups, joint cooperation, mutual mentoring and investment opportunity. Macedonian startups that will be part of the CBI program will have the opportunity to be incorporated in Montenegro and through cooperation with DD to find investments to develop their startup ideas.

Startups under the auspices of CBI and DD will have the opportunity to establish their companies in Montenegro and receive an investment of 100.000€ in the first year. If they prove themselves in the operation and win the sympathy of investors, they will be able to legally provide financing for the growth and development of the company for the next two years or in a period of three years to receive 300.000€ investment in exchange for part of the company, ie equity.

Digital Den – Rockers!

Digital Den is a hub from Podgorica, founded by Darko Ivanovic and Nenad Novovic, longtime entrepreneurs who aim to change the current image of Montenegro. They successfully implemented the first program in which startups from Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia had an inclusive chance to be part of MTSB (Montenegrin Startup Bridge) and to present their ideas in the United States of America. The seriousness of the program is proved by the participation of the American Embassy in Podgorica as a main partner.

That’s how we rock!

Darko Ivanovic

Solar Data Collector as succesfull story

Pioneers from Macedonia were the founders of the startup Solar Data Collector who had the opportunity to present their startup in Arizona, Colorado, Maine and New York to investors, vc funds and universities. Participating in the MTSB program brought them many opportunities, potential negotiations and preparations to start a company in the United States through which they would attack the American market.